Zbojnícka chata (Bandit Chalet) 1960 m.a.s.l.

8.3 km 152 min


Veľká studená dolina (Great Cold valley)


“Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok”  (↑ 40min , ↓ 25min) or ground funicular (trvanie jazdy: 7 min

“Hrebienok – Rainerova chata”  –  (↑ 25min, ↓ 20min)

“Rainerova chata – Zbojnícka chata”  (↑ 2h 30min, ↓ 1h 55min)

History :

1893 – a beginning of a footpath construction works in the Great Cold Valley

1907 – the owner of the valley – “Uhorský lesný erár” built a hunting lodge, and three years later after some refurbishment, handed it over free of charge, for a tourism-related use

• the area lives up to its name as the Great Cold valley used to be a well-known poaching territory, thus the group of tarns situated on the upper terrace of the valley was coined a name – “Zbojnícke plesá” (Bandits tarns)

1924 – the chalet got a name “Zbojnícka chata” and kept it till now

after World War I., this emergency shelter was leased by the “Club of Czechoslovak Tourists” for 100 crowns per year, which is credited for enlarging chalet’s capacities and improving its facility conditions

1986 – in the original site of the former hunting lodge was built a modernised Zbojnícka chalet with central heating, electric lighting, solar collectors for water heating, as well as improved visitor facilities and dormitories for guests and employees

June 14, 1998 – a fire broke out and the chalet burned to the ground, however thanks to the support of the sponsors and of the enthusiasts, a project of the reconstruction drawing on a rich history of Zbojnícka chalet began immediately, including the modernised features, such as the air collector used for heating during the autumn and the spring months  

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In operation: year-round 
Chalet Manager: Edo Záhor 
Contact: +421 903 638 000, +421 903 619 000