Skialpinism (ski-mounteneering) around Štrbské Pleso

100 km 50 min

Indulge in desired tranquillity and relaxation surrounded by the beauty of the High Tatras National park and enjoy the silvery world from the off – pistes or marked cross-country trails. If you are toying with the idea of starting with ski-alpinism (ski-mountaineering) than the SKIALPJOGGING is the first step and we are here to help you to make it. Together we will get on with ascending slopes. There is no doubt you will find this physical activity appealing. Later we can set to go for the Tatra valleys and saddles. Do not hesitate and let’s step out or rather – let’s “slide out” together!

Routes tips:



Find the joy of movement and feast your eyes on the scenic landscape making your way up to Solisko. The scenery on the right starts with the Mlynická valley dominated by the Patria peak and the Bašty ridges with Hlinská Veža. The Strbský peak rising above the valley at its end and the Predné Solisko peak just right in front you form the “Tatra pyramid”. The landscape you can admire on the left offers the view of Sedielková kopa with Sedielkový priechod – the pass.


For those expecting something more challenging to start with we recommend the Lomnické sedlo. The length of trail is 6 km, with 1300 m elevation gain. On the way up you will cross a magic border – 2 000 m above sea level. During the tour you can admire the second highest peak of the Tatra mountain-range named Lomnický štít, Kežmarský štít, Huncovský štít or Veľká Svišťovka. Roughly up to half of the way you can enjoy the view of the massif of the peaks named Prostredný hrot and Slavkovský štít. Reaching the saddle reveals one of the most monumental tatranian sceneries. Will you join us?


SKIALP (SKIMO) tour to Skok waterfall (15. Dec. – 15. Apr. permitted two- way corridor in terms of rules and regulations of TANAP)

We offer a skimo tour to the Skok Waterfall located in the Mynická valley. The tour begins at the bottom station of cableway, then ascending moderately through the mouth of the valley up to the rock threshold – the Skok waterfall. This route offers stunning views of the massif of the Patria and the Galéria peaks, the saddle – Sedlo nad Skokom and the Bašty Ridge. Above the central part of the valley the “tatranian pyramid” – Štrbský štít, the Solisko Ridge and the Predné Solisko peak are rising high into the sky. Now the Solisko saddle (Soliskové sedlo) can be ascended depending on weather conditions and your preferences.

Advanced :

SKIALP (SKIMO) tour in the valley – Veľká Studená dolina, with possibility of ascending two alpine saddles (Priečne sedlo, Baranie sedlo)

(15. Dec. – 15. Apr. permitted corridor in terms of rules and regulations of

This skimo tour begins either in Starý Smokovec, or at Hrebienok, than going up the reserved corridor to the Velká Studená valley. On the right we will be passing by Oštepy and Kostoly as well as by the highest peak – Prostredný hrot, whilst the Slavkovský waterfall (turning into an icefall during a winter season) under the Slavkovský štít will be viewed on the left. Gradually we will be gaining altitude, hiking across Brána under the ridge Zbojnický chrbát. From there we will be heading to the col of “Grey tarns” (Sivé plesá). Then we will continue across Strelecké polia to the sadle of Priečne sedlo located in the ridge of Prostredný hrot, which is the most viable pass to the Malá Studená valley. If you think you would not have enough after sliding down to the Téryho chalet, do not forget that the way to the saddle Baranie sedlo is ahead yet and after that a slide down the valley of Velká Zmrzlá dolina across “Fľaška” up to the Brnčalova chalet. There you can have a well-deserved beer, warm yourself with tea or get some other reward.