Private wellness for the whole family. Relax together after spending a challenging day hiking or skiing.

Indulge yourself in relaxing experience of a private wellness in the Hotel CROCUS****. Book the facilities in advance and enjoy undisturbed relaxation in jacuzzi, finish sauna, infrared sauna or in the relaxation zone.
Private wellness area features: jacuzzi, finnish sauna, infrared sauna, cooling bath tub, massage shower, relaxation zone. You can accompany your wellness experience with a massage by a trained specialist. Massage offer includes: classical massage therapy, massage with sugar-vanilla peeling, or massage with goat milk.

Other equipment of the wellness area includes telephone and audio system. You can use the possibility of booking the private wellness facility at the time of making your hotel reservation. We take orders of champagne and other beverages delivery into the wellness.

Price list of wellness :

Family wellness (2 adults people + 2 children, 1 hod.) 28eur

Wellness (2-3 people, 1 hod.) 25eur

Wellness (4-6 people, 1 hod.) 42eur


Before entering the sauna rinse yourself thoroughly and dry properly. Make sure that you are always sitting or laying on a sheet and that your skin does not touch the wooden surfaces. To regulate your body temperature, you can place yourself in a position closer to the bottom or the upper section of the sauna – warm air is known to rise. The temperature in the area around your head should be about 90°C. You can scrub and massage parts of your body to stimulate blood circulation and remove your dead skin cells. Breathe through your mouth only.

After deep warm up (10 – 12 min.), leave the sauna and take mild or warm shower to first cleanse the sweat, then plunge in to the cold bath. Immerse in the cold water several times. Wrap yourself in the sheet and rest and relax.

After 15 – 20 min., repeat the session not more than three times depending on you personal well-being. Take a mild or warm shower after the last cool-down using no soap and wash your hair. Enter the relaxation zone only after you cooled down properly. Lay on the lounger covered up and take a rest for at least 30 min. Keep drinking in between each sauna session to provide your body with sufficient hydration.