Chata pod Soliskom (Chalet below the Solisko peak) (1830 m.a.s.l.)

3.3 km 56 min


Southern hillside of the Predné Solisko peak


“Štrbské Pleso – Chata pod Soliskom” (↑ 1h 30min, ↓ 1h 20min)

or taking a cableway (a ride takes 15 min)

History :
1943 – a beginning of the chalet construction works on the Solisko ridge
1928 – the skiing boom created a demand for building a ski jump in the Mlynická valley
1935 – Nordic World Ski Championships took place at Štrbské Pleso
until 1952 – the ski jump was the largest in Czechoslovakia
1942/43 – a ski lift by a swiss manufacturer was put into operation
1944 – grand opening of the chalet for the winter season
mid-60s – a beginning of sports resort construction in the Mlynická valley to hold the World Ski Championships in 1970
1973 – the chalet was taken over by the Tatra Administration of Special Purpose Facilities SO ČSZTV (Czechoslovak Association for Physical Education )
• the chalet underwent several major modifications and repairs such as the removal of non-functional dormitory in favour of enlarging the dining room, changes in the interior and doing out the exterior
2003 – the chalet was dismantled and replaced by an expanded chalet with a terrace including an increase in accommodation capacity to 12 beds

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• Predné Solisko

In operation : year-round
Chalet Manager: Milan Štefánik
Contact: +421 917 655 446
+421 907 949 442