Téryho chata (The Téryho Chalet) 2015 m.a.s.l.

8.8 km 161 min


Malá studená dolina

(The Small Cold valley)


“Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok”  (↑ 40min , ↓ 25min)

or ground funicular (duration of a ride: 7 min)

“Hrebienok – Zamkovského chata”  (↑ 1h 05min , ↓ 1h 05min)

“Zamkovského chata – Téryho chata”  (↑ 2h , ↓ 1h 40min)


1875the first tourist trail, leading from a mouth of the valley along the Little Cold Stream, and in the middle of the valley passing between the stream and the Prostredný ridge

1896Dr. Edmund Téry encouraged the improvement of the tourist trail and shortly afterwards the construction of the chalet

1899 – the chalet was completed and put into use

1908 – after the construction of the ground funicular to Hrebienok, the number of visitors increased

• after the World War I., the Carpathian Union unjustly gained the ownership of the chalet, ten years later it become a property of the Czechoslovak Tourist Club

1936 – a land line was installed in the chalet

1937year-round accommodation facilities were improved

1951 – the chalet was gained by the administration of Tatranské chaty org., the operational complications aroused due to lack of food and poor technical conditions

1970 – daily attendance ranged between 800 and 1,500 tourists

1979 – the management of the chalet was assigned to the Tatra Administration of Special Purpose Facilities SO ČSZTV Nový Smokovec, which made a decision to reconstruct the chalet, mainly in order to improve hygienic conditions

1982 – the cottage was handed over for use – this period turned to be extremely difficult even for carriers such as Laco Kulanga whose record of 151 kg of cargo has not yet been broken by anyone

• during reconstruction the chalet obtained following features: water supply, central heating, flushing toilet, washroom with showers, electricity from the electrical unit, kitchen and dining room for climbers

2005 – the roof was repaired and the chalet was equipped with solar panels providing electricity supply for lighting

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In operation: year-round
Chalet Manager: Peter Michalka
Contact: +421 911 646 677
E-mail: teryhochata@gmail.com