Chata pod Rysmi (Chalet under Rysy) (2250 m.a.s.l.)

5.1 km 103 min


Mengusovská dolina (Mengusovská valley) , below the Váha Saddle


“TEŽ stop at Popradské pleso – Chata pri Popradskom plese” ( ↑ 1h , ↓ 50min)

“Chata pri Popradskom plese – Chata pod Rysmi” – ( ↑ 2h 20min, ↓ 1h 45min)

“Štrbské Pleso – Chata pod Rysmi” – – (↑ 3h 35min , ↓ 2h 50min)

History :
• first impetus to build a chalet in the area of the Rysy summit appeared before World War II., but the idea did not take shape until the end of the 1920s, thanks to the initiative of Czechoslovak Tourist Club
15th of July, 1933 – the grand opening of the chalet and the beginning of its recorded history
1940 – the chalet was left without a householder and for years to come it was taken care of by students, members of the academic department of the Slovak Tourists and Skiers Club – JAMES
1947 – the chalet was damaged by an avalanche followed by the reconstruction works
2000 – at the beginning of the year, the renovated chalet was destroyed by another avalanche when a slab of snow broke loose from the hillside of the Český peak
• a dedicated cottager Viktor Beránek and other enthusiasts began to take care of the reconstruction necessary to put the chalet into service for the summer
2001 and 2003 – the chalet was struck by more avalanches – the surveys and proposals for relocation of a new chalet were made so to avoid hazards caused by the future avalanches

In operation: 15th of June – 31th of October
Chalet Manager: Viktor Beránek
Contact: +421 52 442 23 14, +421 903 181 051