Štrbské pleso

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The most famous as well as most visited tatranian lake of a glacial origin – Štrbské pleso is located near the Hotel Crocus at an altitude of 1 346 m above sea level. The settlement of Štrbské Pleso was founded by Jozef Szentiványi. For a long period of time he was the one taking care of it and ennobling the local environment which led to establishing the dwar-pine scrub climatic spa, which persisted until today. The Štrba tarn is the second largest lake in the High Tatras and was formed by melting glaciers. It is 640 m long, 600 m wide, with a depth up to 20 meters. Štrbské pleso and surrounding areas are sincerely magic. It is considered an important center of sports, a popular tourist destination and the top climatic health resort. Many artists have been enchanted by Štrbské pleso and immortalized its beauty on canvas. A leisurely walk or running are the reasons why Strbske Pleso is frequently visited. The walkway around the tarn offers many opportunities for an active leisure and retreat.

Did you know that the ice from the tarn has travelled to Budapest, Vienna and Berlin? Since it is an extremely pure ice, it was chipped into smaller pieces and sent abroad for refrigeration purposes.