Bilíkova chata (Bilíkova chata) (1255 m.a.s.l.)

2.8 km 50 min


Velká studená dolina (The Great Cold valley ); up above Hrebienok


“Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok” (↑ 40min , ↓ 25min) or a cabel car ( ride takes 7 min) “Hrebienok – Bilíkova chata“ (↑↓ 5min)

• 1873 – the construction of the Košice-Bohumín railway which led to a developing a livelier travel&tourism industry showed greater demand for increasing the accommodation capacity of Rainer cottage
• 1875 – “Ruženina chata” (Ružena cottage) was put into operation – its construction was donated from concerts of a popular Budapest singer of the Spiš origin – Ružena Gräffel – Györffy
• 1884 – a two-storey hotel “Studený potok” was built in the site on which the Bilíková chalet now stands
• 1893 – the Ružena cottage burned down, causing damages to the neighbouring hotel
• 1894 – Hotel Studený potok was soon restored and a new Hotel Spiš and a spa house were built nearby
• 1927 a fire broke out and burned entire Studený potok Spa to the ground
• 1934, the first of the Tatra mountain societies – the Carpathian Union, built a chalet named “Guhra Cottage” in honor of its recently deceased chairman Dr. Michal Guhra
• after World War II. it was renamed the Bilíkova chalet (in memory of the Captain in memoriam Pavel Bilík) which was reconstructed and renovated several times since

In operation: year-round
Chalet Manager: Danka Fassingerová
Contact: +421 52 442 24 39, +421 903 691 712