Hiking with Kaufland Card

18. July 2022

Summer in Tatras is marvelous, the sky is beautifully blue and Štrbské pleso mirrors its surroundings while sun rays warm up local cold air. Peaks are welcoming hikers and offering spectacular lookouts. Trails have just been oppened inviting all the wonderers. Building up your fitness, creating unique lifestyle with the nature invoking true balance within. In cooperation with Kaufland Slovakia we are offering all those eligible Kaufland card holders one time opportunity to book your stay for discounted rates in Hotel CROCUS****. To book your stay please fill in the code for a discount, which can be found in your favourite Kaufland store and sent to you via email. Upon the arrival please make yourself known by showing your Kaufland card. We strongly encourge you to take advantage of this amazing offer to get to know these little big mountains. We are looking forward to having you.

Your staff of the Hotel CROCUS****.