Winter in Tatras 2021/2022

14. March 2022

After charming fall, the winter came along. Recovering from year long struggle with pandemics, we looked up cheerfully for the long awaited start of the winter season. First snowflake however brought the next pandemic wave forcing us to once again shut our gates right in front of an eye of a visitor. Later on however opened we were, we could still not fully function without restrictions imposed. It was a bit different but still snowy, white and beautifull. Less people to admire the might of our homeland, groomed slopes used by a few, country skiers doing their laps and last but not least freeriders ploughing down the off piste mountainside.

Not only are there countless possibilities for winter sports enthusiasts, there is also a lot to see for an art admirer. Exhibitions like Tatra house of ice with a stunning replica of Santiago de la Compostela will take your breath away.

With an upcoming year, health restrictions were changing fast, but the smile with which we welcomed our visitors only grew bigger. Mountains were ever so soothing and luring people as if nothing happened before. The struggle for surrvival in form of pandemics was quickly outshadowed by a real war from behind our eastern border. We are hugely moved by this sudden and vicious attack and deeply sorry for those whose life was turned upside down. In these uneasy times more than ever do we need the nature wisdom and blissfullness to heal our souls and mend our hearts. In our Hotel we go above and beyond to meet your expectations, to do our best at pampering you or just simply letting you enjoy the natural beauty. We are looking forward to seeing you on your next visit in Hotel CROCUS****