Lakes of Love (Jazierka lásky)

0.3 km 4 min

The candlelit dinner in the Hotel Crocus Restaurant is not an only opportunity to experience true romance. Indulge in romantic atmosphere in the unspoilt nature by visiting the Lakes of Love located just 400 m south of the hotel. The Lakes were historically set up by one of the local landlords as fishing ponds for trout-farming. The locals have always found this site magical as it happened to be a place of tranquillity where one feels close to nature. The fact that the ponds lay one by the other might be the reason why named the Lakes of Love. It is certain that you and your beloved ones will fall for this enchanting location in the High Tatras. If you are patient and focus enough, you may spot something unusual at the bottom of the larger of the lakes. Precisely you might be able to see the Slovak double-cross laying at the bottom of the pond since 1940.