Walkaway through the treetops

38 km 47 min

The Treetop Walk located in the Bachledova valley (Bachledova dolina) is a great visitor attraction mainly for families, seniors as well as couples on holiday in the High Tatras. It makes clouds to be at reach for everyone. The walkway is barrier-free and the last entry is 1 hour before closing. It is suitable as a day trip so if you do not fear hights and want to see the Tatra nature from a bird’s eye view, than the walk through the treetops in the Bachledova valley seems to be the right choice. A quick and easy way to the top takes you to 24 meters above the ground. The spiral-shaped tower is 32 m tall and gives you a new perspective hard to compare with anything you can experience in the High Tatras. You can indulge in the scenic landscape of Pieniny, Belianske Tatry and Zamagurie.

A 600 m long walkway is full of interesting and surprising stops including 3 adrenaline-fueled ones. But don’t worry, they are all safe, just try them out to enjoy the moments. If you do not lack courage, at a height of 32 meters there is a net which you can walk over. After a splendid walk through the treetops you can once again rest with us in the Hotel Crocus in Štrbské Pleso.