Sliezsky dom (The Selesian House) 1670 m.a.s.l.

19 km 39 min


Velická dolina (Velická valley), pod Gerlachom (below Gerlach)


“Tatranská Polianka – Sliezsky dom” (↑ 2h , ↓ 1h 40min)

“Starý Smokovec – Sliezsky dom”  (↑ 2h 25min , ↓ 1h 50min)

“Štrbské Pleso – Sliezsky dom”  (↑ 4h 45min , ↓ 4h 35min)

“TEŽ stop at Popradské pleso – Sliezsky dom”  –  (↑ 4h 20min , ↓ 4h 10min)

“Lysá Poľana – Sliezsky dom”  –  (↑ 6h 45min , ↓ 6h 30min)

History :

  • earlier in the history there were two more “modest” predecessors of the Selesian house in the Velická valley
    • 1871 – the first of the chalets – “Blásyho chata”  was built in the Velická valley, as only a simple stone shelter with three rooms an no landlord, and was swept away by an avalanche broken loose from Velické granáty slope
    • 1878 – a cottage destroyed by an avalanche was replaced by “Hunfalvyho chata” made of wood whilst during summer it had landlords from the ranks of retired mountain guides
    • 1895 – an increase in visitors inspired the construction of a larger capacity building, so the ground floor Silesian house of a rectangular layout was built on the southwest shore of the Velické tarn, holding a small museum venue that brought forth a theme of the relations of Silesian tourists to the High Tatras
    • 1913 – the older Hunfalvy’s chalet was reserved for carriers, mountain guides and hikers, however it burned down in a year time
    • 1929 – the Silesian House had its own power plant
    • 1942 – the Silesian House was enlarged towards the original tract in a direction of the valley
    • 1962 – some works on the central heating had been done, but on the night of November 29-30 the chalet burned down
    • due to strategic position of the chalet, Interhotel Tatry started arranging necessary commissioning for the construction of a new building
    • 1968 – a new chalet was opened, (the fourth one and the second Silesian House) similar to the current Silesian House – there was a large kitchen on the ground floor, a restaurant, café and lounge, as well as rooms in both floors
    • 30.6.-3.7.1995St. John Paul II visited the chalet. On his tour of the Eucharistic visits to the Slovakian towns such as Nitra, Košice, Prešov and Levoča, he expressed his wish for taking time to relax in the High Tatras at the Silesian House (July 3, 1995) and at the request of the Tatra Mountain Rescue, he consecrated a rope and a mattock – symbols of the mountain rescue activities
    • nowadays a paved road leads from Tatranská Polianka to the chalet, it is reserved for supplying the Silesian House, for the mountain rescue, the employees of the national park administration office (TANAP) and a limited number of guests, who must register at the hotel in advance
    • besides accommodation and meals, the mountain hotel – Sliezsky dom currently offers various additional services to its guests: access by car, delivery of a cargo by off-road vehicles/ scooters/ snowmobiles

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