Predné Solisko (Front Solisko) 2093 m.a.s.l.

10.2 km 285 min


Štrbské Pleso (1 350 m.a.s.l.) – Chata pod Soliskom (Chalet below Solisko) (1840 m.a.s.l.- Predné Solisko (2093 m.a.s.l.)

The Return way: follow the same route or choose an alternative – from the chalet below Solisko descend to Furkotská dolina (valley), and walk along Tatranská Magistrála (Tatra Highway) to Štrbské Pleso

Elevation gain: 743 m
Duration: half-day tour – 4:45 hod. ( ↑ 2:30 ↓ 2:15)
Fitness level of difficulty: 1/3
Technical level of difficulty: 1/3

Starting point:
• Štrbské Pleso

Chalets along the route:
• Chata pod Soliskom

Predné Solisko is the last peak of the Solisko ridge, with Furkotský štít (2403.5 m.a.s.l.) at its other end. The trail beginning at Štrbské Pleso , ascends along the cableway up to the Chalet below Solisko (1 hour 30 minutes), or there is an opportunity using the cable car to get there. From the chalet, a waymarked path leads to Predné Solisko (1 h).

It is possible to descend following the same route, or go ahead across the Furkotská Valley (as in the other variant). From the Chalet below Solisko go westward, along a marked path and descend to the Furkotská valley. In about 15 minutes you will reach signpost at the junction of the Furkotská Valley (1770 m.a.s.l.). Continue with an hour-long descent along the path to end up at the crossrad joining the “Tatra Highway” (1450 m.a.s.l.). Following a trail to Štrbské Pleso, you cannot get lost. You are likely to reach your final destination in about 30 min.

A variant leading across the Furkotská valley
From Štrbské Pleso you walk along Tatranská Magistrála (Tatra Highway) towards Jamské pleso. In about 45 minutes you will arrive at the junction and continue along the path leading to the Furkotská Valley. In about 1 hour 15 min you arrive at a crossroads in the Furkotská valley, from where the path ascends towards the Chalet under Solisko (20 min). From the chalet you set off for an hour’s ascent to Predné Solisko.

On the way back to Štrbské Pleso you can embark on the same path or go down the trail along the cableway.

Views from the summit:

Although being one of the easiest viewpoints to reach in the High Tatras, it provides its visitors with majestic views of the valleys such as the Furkotská (in the west) and the Mlynická (in the east). The ridge of Predné Solisko continues northwest with Štrbské Solisko (2302 m.a.s.l.), followed by Malé Solisko (2334 m.a.s.l.), Veľké Solisko (2412.5 m.a.s.l.) ending with Furkotský štít (2403.5 m.a.s.l.). Looking eastward you can see the ridge dominated by Hlinská Tower (2340 m.a.s.l.) – Satan (2421.5 m.a.s.l.), Predná bašta (2373.5 m.a.s.l.) and Patria (2203 m.a.s.l.).

Related valleys:
• Furkotská dolina
• Mlynická dolina