Chata pri Zelenom plese (1551 m.a.s.l.)

7.7 km 127 min


The Green tarn Valley


“Biela voda – Chata pri Zelenom plese” (↑ 3h)

“Tatranské Matliare – Chata pri Zelenom plese” – (↑ 3h 20min , ↓ 2h 55min)

“Tatranská Kotlina – Chata pri Zelenom plese” – (↑ 3h 30min , ↓ 3h 05min)

“Tatranská Lomnica – Chata pri Zelenom plese” – – (↑ 3h 50min , ↓ 3h 25min)

History :
1565 – the first non-anonymous visitor of the Biela voda Valley was Beáta Laská-Koščelecká, the chateline of Kežmarok
1876 – the first hut in the area – “Egidova chata” was built at Predné Meďodoly by the road to the Green Tarn at an altitude of 1520 m, later relocated to the north of its shore, but after 3 years in operation it burned down
1894 – 3 years of the construction works turned a new “Friedrich chalet” into a luxurious building with a kitchen, a warehouse and five rooms, thanks to the financial contribution of Archduke Friedrich, whom the chalet was named after
1926 – due to increasing numbers of tourists in the High Tatras, the chalet was enlarged, received a manager, and was staffed to provide full year-round service
until 1945 – the chalet was in possession of the tourist organization the Carpathian Union
after 1945 – became a property of the Club of Slovak tourists and skiers
1948 – the newly established “Tatra Hotels” obtained title to the chalets’s property
1950 – renamed “Brnčal chalet” in memory of Albert Brnčal, a chairman of the Slovak Mountaineering Association, who passed away during the descent from the Jastrabá veža peak in that year
1959 – the physical education unit Štart from Kežmarok built a ski lift on the slope below the Jastrabia tower, available to skiers staying in the chalet
1968 – an off-road vehicle GAZ reached the chalet

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In operation: year-round
Chalet Manager: Tomáš Petrík
Contact: +421 901 767 420, rezervácie: +421 911 552 419