Rainerova chata (Rainer´s Chalet) 1295 m.a.s.l.

3.9 km 67 min


Veľká studená dolina (The Great Cold valley) , above Hrebienok


“Starý Smokovec – Hrebienok” (↑ 40min , ↓ 25min)

or ground funicular (trvanie jazdy: 7 min)

“Hrebienok – Rainerova chata” (↑↓ 25min)

“Tatranská Lesná – Rainerova chata” – (↑ 1h 50min , ↓1h 35min)

“Tatranská Lomnica – Rainerova chata” – (↑ 2h 05min , ↓1h 50min)

History :

1863 – the tenant of Starý Smokovec – Ján Juraj Rainer initiated a construction of a chalet built on the forest-meadow Starolesnianska poľana situated at the mouth of the Veľká Studená dolina (Great Cold Valley), in which tourists could spend the night free of charge and make their trips to the Cold Valley and to Lomnický štít easier
1884 – due to increasing number of visitors in the High Tatras, a larger chalet was built nearby, named Hotel Kamzík, Rainer’s chalet at this point served as an occasional dormitory, especially for porters and guides, later used as a fuel depot and as a garage
1983 – the national park administration office (TANAP) restored the chalet as a monument
1997 – with the consent of TANAP administration office, a new tenant PhDr. Peter Petras reconstructed Rainer’s chalet’s interior
1998 – on the 135 th anniversary of its construction, the chalet was reopened to the public

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In operation: year-round
Chalet manager: Peter Petras
Contact: +421 52 452 41 03, +421 907 910 559