How you find us

By Train

Start your vacation straight away, not after hours of travel.

Leave the car at home and avoid tiredness, lack of sleep or stressful traffic.

By train you can get to us very comfortably from any side of Europe.

“Zubačka” train will take you from Poprad railway station almost in front of our hotel. From there is short walk (around 100 steps) to Hotel Crocus****

If you are traveling from Prague, you can take advantage of a great opportunity to travel at night and take a sleep-in sleeper train. Upon arrival you will be rested and can immediately plan even your ascent to the Tatra peaks.

Also, you can feel good that during family vacation you have done something for environment.

Be modern, come by train and enjoy perfect view and romance at Štrbské Pleso in Hotel Crocus **** from the first moment of your holiday.

Bratislava – Štrbské Pleso (330 km – 4:24)
  Arrival Departure
Bratislava   16:13
Štrba 20:16 20:26
Štrbské Pleso 20:41  
Brno – Štrbské Pleso (541 km – 6:12)
  Arrival Departure
Praha hl. nad.   22:15
Štrba 6:45 6:57
Štrbské Pleso 7:12  
Brno – Štrbské Pleso (472 km – 6:13)
  Arrival Departure
Brno dol.nad.   14:24
Bratislava 15:50 16:13
Štrba 20:16 20:26
Štrbské Pleso 20:41  
Budapest – Štrbské Pleso (397 km – 6:12)
  Arrival Departure
Budapest-Keleti pu   5:55
Košice 9:59 10:07
Štrba 11:43 11:52
Štrbské Pleso 12:01  
Košice – Štrbské Pleso (125 km – 2:34)
  Arrival Departure
Košice   18:07
Štrba 19:57 20:26
Štrbské Pleso 20:41  
Praha – Štrbské Pleso (541 km – 6:12)
  Arrival Departure
Praha hl. nad.   7:09
Štrba 13:32 13:37
Štrbské Pleso 13:37  
Warsawa – Štrbské Pleso (629 km – 7:57)
  Arrival Departure
Warszawa Centralna   6:40
Ostrav hl.nad. 10:58 11:08
Štrba 14:02 14:22
Štrbské Pleso 14:37  
Wien – Štrbské Pleso (396 km – 6:22)
  Arrival Departure
Wien Hbf   8:16
Bratislava hl. st. 9:22 10:13
Štrba 14:16 14:22
Štrbské Pleso 14:37  

By Car

To High Tatras you can get by car without any problems, quickly and comfortably in summer and winter even when is a lot of snow. From Bratislava you will head along the highway D1 to Žilina, then for a while you can enjoy the beauty of Slovakia, in Ružomberok cruise control will be pleased again by 130km/h the whole way to Poprad.

But do not forget the rules. Even if the horses under your bonnet can handle more, pay attention to safety and arrive at Štrbské Pleso safe.

On Slovak motorways, the maximum permitted speed is 130 km / h

on expressways and roads outside the village it is 90km / h and in the village 50km / h.

Do not forget to turn the lights on even during the day, and in order not to make your holiday more expensive, buy a vignette.

By Plane

Do you want to feel like you are going on a real holiday?

We will provide you with a quality accommodation, great food, and days full of joy in the High Tatras in the hotel Crocus **** at Štrbské Pleso.

However, to the airport you must get on your own.

From Bratislava you will be with us in more than three hours, From Kosice it takes almost two hours, about four hours from Vienna, from Budapest and from Krakow you will get here in two and a half hours.

Taxi Airport <-> Štrbské Pleso (30 min):
00421 903 123 12400421 902 534 53300421 908 630 633

Poprad Tatry – Londýn Luton (WIZZ AIR – LONDÝN)
  Departure Arrival
Utorok 13:30 15:10
Štvrtok 16:50 18:30
Sobota 16:50 18:30
Poprad Tatry – Londýn Luton (WIZZ AIR – LONDÝN)
  Departure Arrival
Utorok 17:50 21:25
Štvrtok 17:50 21:25
Sobota 17:50 21:25

The distance from Strbske Pleso to airports:

By Bus

All roads from Europe lead to Poprad! And from there you have only a few steps to Štrbské Pleso and Hotel Crocus ****. Nowadays buses are comfortable and very modern, so you do not need to worry about a such a trip. Fortunately, the memories of the holidays in the Tatras with your parents, when you travelled through half of the republic by a “bean bus”, are just memories today. 🙂
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