Wellness in Hotel Crocus


Private wellnes for the whole family, relax together after a challenging day in mountains.


Enjoy uninterrupted relaxation in the private wellness. Book your time in advance and relax in the jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, infra sauna and relaxation zone.

During wellness relaxation, you can also enjoy professional massages of your choice. 



In our wellness room you can enjoy various massages


  30 min 60 min.

Reflexive massage

17 EUR  

Classic back massage 

17 EUR 33 EUR

Classic Massage with sugar and vanilla peeling

18 EUR 35 EUR

Chocolate massage

20 EUR 37 EUR

Classic massage with goat milk

20 EUR 37 EUR

Anti-cellulite massage

  37 EUR


Rules of correct sauna bathing


Before entering sauna, have a shower and dry yourself. In sauna, lay down or have a seat on a clean sheet, or wrap yourself in a towel. You can influence your body temperature by different postures, the hot air is close to the ceiling. The air temperature around your head should be at 90 degrees Celsius. Massage your body, you improve your blood circulation and get rid of dead skin cells. Breathe with mouth. After 10-12 minutes leave the sauna and rinse your sweat with colder water. After you can cool yourself in cooling vat. Drawn underwater couple times, wrap a sheet around you and relax. You can repeat this sauna bath process maximum 3 times ( depends on how you feel). After last cooling rinse your body and hair with colder water. Entry the relaxation zone. Lay down covered with sheet and relax at least for half an hour. Do not forget to drink enough water during the sauna bath!