Štrbské Pleso is the highest centre of winter sports and tourism in Slovakia. It also belongs to the climatic baths. The most important natural healing factor is its therapeutically effective high-altitude climate given by geographic location, altitude, and protection from western and northern winds.


Štrbské pleso 

used by Jozef Szentiványi for relaxation. He offered tourists and guests sport fishing, bathing and boating. On the shore of the lake, at its southeast tip, he built a boat dock, which is still there today. Although fishing and bathing is now prohibited, the Pleso provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation, including boating and long walks along its perimeter with many benches, educational boards and workout spots. In winter, of course, the frozen pond serves the cross-country skiers.


Lakes of love

they have the original name of Strbske Ponds. The founder of Strbske pleso - Jozef Szentiványi used them for breeding trouts. Lakes today are very popular for walks and as meeting places for young and older couples. You will find places to sit, relax and you will still be near the village center. The lakes can be reached from our hotel in a few minutes' walk through the parking lot.


Jamské pleso

is a tarn in the limb grove west of Strbske pleso. Its area is 0.67 hectares and a maximum depth of 4.2 meters. It is located in Važecká dolina along the Tatra Highway under the pre-summit of Jama, after which it is named. From our hotel you can reach it in about 1 hour walk along a wide well-marked walkway.


Popradské pleso

Popradské pleso (1494 m a.s.l.) is an extremely popular and well-accessible tourist destination of the High Tatras. It is located in Mengusovska dolina, between Tatra peaks Ostrvy, Tupej and opposite ridge with peaks like Satan, Malá Bašta and Patria. Popradské pleso is also a very important starting point for high-altitude tourism, cross-country skiing or climbing.



A - Trail to mountain lodge under Solisko Peak
B - Ski jumps
C - Chairlift to Solisko
D - Tatranska magistrala trail to Jamské pleso
E - "Strbské pleso" tarn
F - Tatranska magistrala trail to Popradske pleso
G - Original trail to Jamské pleso
H - Hotel Kempinsky
I - Tram and cog railway station
J - Hotel Crocus
K - Central parking
L - Parking under Popradske pleso
M - Trail to Tatranska Štrba
N - "New Strbske pleso" tarn
O - Road to Strbske pleso